My six

My six

"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today my husband and I celebrated our Seventeenth wedding anniversary. We celebrated by taking care of sick kids, baseball pictures, baseball games, football games and a nice dinner with our children. At first I was a little bummed, but then I got to thinking, God has blessed me greatly, these children are the fruit of our Seventeen years. Each one a reminder of our love for each other. Each one has a special talent, and lights my life in a different way.

I also started thinking about my marriage. It has not been easy, seventeen years is a long time, and I pray we triple it! Marriage is a lot of work. We were married so young, we have practically grown up together. Michael is my soul mate. I can't imagine my life without him. I love him more than he will ever know. He has put up with so much out of me. My moods, my temper, my crazy family. I have hurt him in so many ways, and he has shown me so much forgiveness. If anyone is responsible for revealing Jesus to me, it is my husband. He is the example of Christ in my life. He is patient, he never says anything bad about anyone, he is always optimistic, he sees the good in people, he shows love, mercy and forgiveness. Jesus is the reason we have made it to seventeen years.

Marriage is where two people love each other enough to sacrifice their own wants, needs and desires. It takes alot of work, because as a human we are selfish. It is alot of give and take. Compromise.

So today I proudly say that these have been the best seventeen years of my life. There have been plenty of rough, tough and tearful times. They make the good times sweeter. I hope our children know that if you want something bad enough, it takes sacrifice, sometimes blood, sweat and tears to obtain it, and sometimes just as much to keep it.

I love you Michael, and I thank the Lord for saving our marriage and allowing us to celebrate it.

love pg

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am so exhausted. We have ran everywhere this week and it is not going to get any better. I only have three kids playing sports this fall, I can 't imagine if they were all doing something.
I have successfully this week: updated my blog, kept up the laundry, put clothes in a consignment sale, been to football practice, a JV baseball game, worked at the school and led AWANA at the church on Wednesday. I could fall asleep sitting here.

God always has a way of making you smile in the midst of overwhelming exhaustion (even if it is at the expense of someone else) I was leaving the ballfield tonight on my way to the consignment sale, sitting at the light waiting to turn and in the other turn lane is this older man in a convertable, and he was picking his nose!!! Dude, if you are going to pick your nose please don't do it when the top of your convertable is down so EVERYONE can see it!!!

Can you tell how unbelievable exhausted I am that I would find this amusing!


Wag More...Bark Less

This is the bumper sticker I saw today, very cute!!

Smile More... Gripe Less

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yellow Spiders

Like I said before, it has been three years since we moved into our house. It took us three months to get the house ready for us to move in. We painted every room in the house (ceilings as well, those are the ONLY spots that Addie has not drawn on), put hardwood in the kitchen, den , dining room and living room. We finished the basement with two bedrooms, bathroom, office and a family room, and we totally gutted and finished the kitchen. During all of this we were living with Mike's parents until the house was ready. A couple of weeks before we moved in we came one evening to the house to work on it a little. The kids were in the backyard playing. All of the sudden Brady runs in screaming bloody murder and we can't understand a word he is saying. All I am getting is "nose...spi-derrrr". Finally I get him to calm down, he tells me with tears and all that he was running and he ran through a spider web and the spider bit him on the nose and it hurts really bad. I am looking at him and his nose isn't red from a bite, but all of the sudden I see these small black things hanging out of his nose!! It was the spiders legs and I could see a yellow abdomen. Trying to remain calm, I slowly look in his nostril and there is the spider!!!! I calmly get a paper towel and ask him to blow his nose. IT came out in the towel!! I put it in an empty glass salt shaker. It was huge and it was black and yellow. We immediately took him to the Scottish Rite urgent care. The doctors took the salt shaker before taking us back. They came out and said that it was not a poisonous spider, it is just a common spider in Georgia and he should be fine. Just keep an eye on him. What a relief.

I looked it up and it is a writing spider. I have added a picture. Watch out for spiders, they might just end up in your nose!

This is one of the craziest things that has happened to us and I doubt it will happen again.

Home Sweet Home

This weekend marks three years that we have been in our house! We were at our other one for 12 years. Time flies! I am so very thankful for the Lord blessing us with a home to raise these precious children. There is plenty of room, and yard, for them to play and hang out.

Thank you Father God, for your many blessings.


Painted Eyes

Addison is always doing something that she isn't suppose to. Not just a couple of times a day, like every minute of the day. This weekend she has successfully added new artwork to the hallway, Brady's room, dining room and the den. Not to mention I now have to buy a pack of magic erasers to get crayon off of the floor in the church nursery and the walls. Yes I have extravagant artwork in my house that I did not pay a dime for, all created by a two year old who thinks the entire house is her pallet.

Yesterday she got into my makeup bag. She came into the den with black smeared all over both eyes. She had opened my mascara and was so proud of herself.. "look mommy, I painted my eyes!" Addison I never know what she is going to get into. I guess God is trying to keep me young :)


Saturday, September 5, 2009


I am terrible at this, I have good intentions. I haven't posted anything since July 24th. Since then we have celebrated three birthdays here at our house. So much has happened. It is funny to see since I created this blog that I have only had 19 post (20 if you count this one).

Life just keeps going, and you can never really seize the moments, the seconds keep adding up. This blog is meant to reflect on my life with my family and for my other family to keep updated on such a chaotic time. Life is just flashing before me, I can't seem to enjoy it. If I just take the time to log it all and journal it here, it might help.

So for today I can say I have successfully updated my blog. Hopefully this evening I will be able to have some more entertaining stories. I have many on my mind, they have to do with broken fingers, spiders, painted eyes and kittens.

Off to Brady's first football game and of course my battery is dead in my camera.