My six

My six

"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Full Circle

I posted in January about Devyn and her disappointments. Since then she has had quite a ride. She got a little rebellious. She didn't want to go to church she just wanted to be like by everyone. She wanted to hang out with people that she normally wouldn't hang out with. She decided that she wanted to go off away to college and not be "stuck in this small town her whole life". She got asked to the prom, of which she really didn't want to go with the guy that asked her but she felt bad for him, to only end up not going because he totally went weird on her and wouldn't talk to her at all. She was relieved! She almost failed two classes, one of which she did and the teacher and the counselor gave her a chance to have a repair credit. She has learned some very hard lessons the past six months. Lessons that I am glad she learned now instead of her Senior year of high school. She had a rude awakening and she has really grown up. She started going to a youth group at another church and totally loves it! I have seen her blossom into a beautiful young lady. She now is praying about her future, because she feels that God is calling her to the mission field. What an honor that would be. She is now thinking about staying at home to go to college since she might be going off into the mission field. She is now souled out to the LORD! She had to do this all on her own. God had to take her through the valley in order to have her look up to Him and He has lifted her up.

This next year is going to be so hard, it is her senior year of school. I can't believe it! I was a senior when I had her. We were talking about college a couple of months ago and I really didn't want her to go off to college and she said "Mom, why not?" I told her it wasn't that I didn't want her to go off, I want that for her, I want her to experience life, but the hard thing is, I grew up with her. I was a mere child when I had her and she made me a mother. And yes all of my children are a great part of me, but I was immature when I had her and she had been there as I have grown into the woman that I am. If the Lord is calling her to be a missionary for HIM, then I can let go and trust HIM. Like I said before, she ( and the rest of them) are the reason I was born. I am going to cherish this next year with her.


Monday, July 12, 2010


It has been almost six months since I have posted anything. Life has been a complete roller coaster since January and I feel like I just got off the ride and I am in line for the next one. The line is moving slowly. My last post was actually on my baby's third birthday but I failed to mention it. She is a ray of sunshine on my gloomy days. I have so much to catch up on I am not sure if I will be able to post it all. Life just gets away from us sometimes. There are so many things that I want to remember about my children's lives. I need to be more disciplined in logging it all. They are truly the best part of me. They are the reason I was born. They are my purpose.