My six

My six

"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Sunday, December 19, 2010

And then there were 22...

It took me twenty two times to get a Christmas Picture. Getting this crew together to get a picture is a nightmare. I can never get them to smile at the same time. Some one is always making a face or moving.  I finally got this one, which turned out pretty good. We took this one if front of the Christmas Tree at church. At least Addison is not crying!

These will be the memories that I cherish and the Christmas picture with all six is a tradition. I love my kids. They drive me crazy, but they are mine.

Here are a couple of honorablel mentions to the Christmas card this year...
This one Daulton decided to "break wind" and they all thought it was funny, actually there us one in here where they all look like they are holding their breath. All Daulton needs is some encouragement, so from then on he kept on doing what most 8 year olds know how to do , the old hand under the arm pit trick to make the farting noises, so this is what I got...
and this one

and this one,
I have 18 more, most of them were blurry, and there is not enough room on my blog post to put them all on. At least I got one this year.

Merry Christmas!


Here I go again...

It has been officially four months since I have updated my blog. That is so sad. Life just passes me by. I get so busy trying to keep up. My New Year's resoluton is to updated it at least twice a week. I am going to have one post a week on something that Addie has done, because I could seriously write a book on her alone. The past four months has gone by fast. Three boys played baseball, two of them won Championships! I will post pictures soon. Now I have three boys playing basketball. Here we are a less than a week until Christmas. I can't believe it is almost here.

The title of today's post is from one of my favorite Casting Crowns songs. It is in first person and he is talking to the Lord about how he needs to share God's love with a friend and needs to tell him about Christ, but he just gets caught up in the day to day. I am so guilty of that. I will also be posting more on my "Heartstrings".

"So maybe this time I'll speak the words of life with your fire in my eyes
But that old familiar fear is tearin' at my words
What am I so afraid of?
'Cause here I go again
Talkin' 'bout the rain and mullin' over things
That won't live past today and as I dance around the truth
Time is not his friend
This might be my last chance to tell him that you love him
But here I go again
Here I go again"  - Casting Crowns

I am not sure if anyone reads my blog, but at least I can go back and read my post, almost like a scrap book :)