My six

My six

"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ok I am officially a slacker, it has been a whole month since I posted anything!!! Not so good at the blogging. Needless to say this month has been quite eventful and exhausting.


Devyn went on her college tour and loved it. She really like UGA, but fell in love with Valdosta State. She still has a while to decide. I am still not ready for her to leave the nest.

Daulton is driving me crazy, typical 8th grade boy. He has been slacking lately (guess I now know where he gets that from) three fat F's on the progress report, in all of his AC classes. We have taken away everything, the computer, his phone, he can't watch tv, what more is there to take away. Well daddy gave a ultimatum, get the grades up in three days (because he had zeros for classwork and he has only missed 1 day of school- what is up with that?) or he will get the hair cut that DAD wants him to have, you know -shaved!!! Daulton totally freeked and in three days had one F up from a 44 to a 72. He has one up from a 65 to an 88 and the other is now a C.Well, wish we would have threatened it sooner. We will see when the final report card comes out- if he still has hair.

Brady finished up basketball and is playing baseball. He is a sweet kid, but boy when he gets something in his head he just won't quit.

Gracie is just as sweet as ever, poor thing has been so sick. She has missed three days of school with a fever and the croup. She is feeling better and will be going back tomorrow.

Colby-well Colby is Colby. He was so sick last week with an upper respiratory infection and the croup. I had to give him amoxicillan and he didn't want to take it because it was PINK. such a boy! He is better now and just as silly as ever.

Addison- is the same, she is too rotten to get sick, whatever this bug is that the kids have had it was too scared of her. Little miss sassy. She is 2 going on 16, literally I have a 16 year old and the only difference is the height.

Work has been crazy, my first audit... and we have budget cuts. If I can just make it through this week, Devyn and I leave for Disney next Friday her sweet sixteen and mine plus 18 years!! Can't wait!!

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